The Twitter Effect





There’s nothing like social media for making you question your entire purpose and existence on this planet.

Oh for fuck’s sake, Anna Kendrick, why do you have to be SO. DAMN. FUNNY.

*crawls back under blanket and conducts forensic inquest into entire life*

I don’t meander around Twitter much, because I’m an introvert on social media as well as in real life.

I’d like to be a Twitter-fiend, but my pithy come-backs and witty retorts take more time to arrive in my head than Twitter allows.

And, of course, there’s the Twitter Effect.

That moment of realisation that everyone you’re following is smarter, funnier, wittier, and more switched on than you.

So you decide to follow some internet idiots instead, and that’s almost as bad and makes you want to sink the world into the Bog of Eternal Stench.

So you go back to the smart ones, and that makes you question your entire self.

And so you stop.

Repeat ad nauseam.

There’s nothing like social media for making you question your entire purpose and existence on this planet.


Everyone else is smarter, prettier, better dressed, definitely with better hair and makeup, funnier, and generally betterer than you, right?



Stand there in your wrongness and be wrong for a moment, because I’m here to tell you a truth: those people are smart, pretty, funny, and switched on… but so are you.

You’re only seeing their Good Hair Days.

They’re hiding their Boris Johnson Hair Days, and who can blame them?

But you have Good Hair Days too, remember.

(And Good Face Days, Good Clothes Days, Good Witty Retorts Days, and so on.)

In short: you know stuff. Good stuff. Tremendous stuff. The BEST stuff.

You have the skills and expertise to help other people know stuff too.

Do you know one of the best ways to counteract the Twitter Effect? Share your stuff. Teach others how to do something that will make their lives better.

Create a course and get it out there.

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