Why your homepage is killing your sales

Dammit where is that eggtimer?

I know I’ve seen it somewhere. 

If people look at your homepage and go, “Holy shit that’s overwhelming, I’m outta here!” They aren’t going to buy…

In the kitchen. I last saw it in the kitchen.

Oh, no…

I think it might have been in…

*cue B-movie dramatic horror music, thunder, and dimming of the lights*

The Kitchen Drawer of Doom

That place where everything from pliers to birthday candles to napkins to old batteries to random spoons lurk forgotten and abandoned.

I don protective clothing and take a swig of gin. I’m going into the chaos. Wish me luck. Five minutes later and I’m buying the thing I need from Amazon instead.

Funnily enough, it’s also how I feel when I land on some websites.

I have no idea what to do or where to go next, so I leave.

If you’re not crystal clear about what you want someone to do next, and you don’t communicate it directly, your website visitor ain’t gonna do it.

They’re going to bumble around for a few seconds, get confused and bored, and disappear to a website that does tell them what to do, why, and how.

Can you tell me, in one sentence, what you want your homepage visitors to do?

The one, single, Most Wanted Action they can take?

It might be:

  • Call for a sample
  • Download a free guide
  • Sign up for emails (this is usually what I want people to do)
  • Watch a video
  • Read an article
  • Fill in a contact form
  • Do a survey
  • Buy something (yes, sometimes the MWA on your homepage will be to buy — not for every business, but sometimes it works)

Whatever it is, it should take them closer to buying from you.

And everything on that homepage, every message, every word, every image, should encourage them to do that MWA.

What usually happens is you want to give people as much information as possible, so your homepage becomes a dumping ground. Like the Drawer of Doom in your kitchen.

You cram in the information hoping some of it will appeal to someone.

But what actually happens is, people look at your homepage and go, “Holy shit that’s overwhelming, I’m outta here!”

And they leave, probably never to return.

Imagine how many more people will stick around if you’ve told them very clearly what you want them to do…

What’s your Most Wanted Action for your homepage? Decide now. Write it down.

If you’re not sure, get help!

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PS Tomorrow, it’s Flamingo Friday — so I’ll be ripping apart (with kindness, obviously) another willing victim’s homepage. I haven’t decided which one yet, but I bet my buttons it’s suffering from Kitchen Drawer of Doom syndrome…

Tune in. But in the meantime, if you’re suffering alone, you don’t have to. Pop your detes down there 


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