Wish things were easier?

You know, there are two ways of looking at the world.

The first is the way I used to look at it: “ye gods, why does business have to be so hard? I wish it were all a little easier.”  

What do you wish you could do – but haven’t quite round to yet because it looks scary?

The second is the way I’ve learned to look at it: “business is what it is. How can I be better?”

What do you sigh on the days when you struggle?

Do you wish things were easier? Or do you wish you were better?

It’s important, this, because wishing things were easier is going to keep you stuck and fed up and dissatisfied. Things are what they are, and they aren’t going to change for you.

But wishing you were better, that has potential.

Because as you get better at what you do, you change things.

You have the power to change your reality, but only if you get on with it.

The way I look at things now, I know my successes are down to me. I mean, the people I surround myself with help – no business owner is an island – but my attitude is my choice. And while that’s kinda scary, it’s also empowering.

It means I’m not a victim of any circumstances.

I’m not at the whim of everyone around me.

And I’m not passively waiting for things to get better.

How about you? How do you look at the world and your place in it?

What do you wish you could do – but haven’t quite round to yet because it looks scary?

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