You’ve Got Talent!

Have you heard of Finn the fabulous police dog and his human, PC Dave Wardell?

They came fifth in Britain’s Got Talent recently… and this week, Finn’s Law was finally passed by the House of Lords – which is a bloody marvellous turn of events, as you’ll see in a moment. 

First, though, here’s PC Dave Wardell’s story:

“On October 5th 2016 my police dog, Finn and I were chasing a robbery suspect when he turned and attacked us. Finn sustained serious stab wounds to the chest and head whilst protecting me. I sustained a stab wound to the hand.

“Finn stopped the knife from reaching me and saved my life. Even after being stabbed through the lung Finn did not let go of the suspect until other Police Units arrived and arrested him. Finn was not expected to make it through the night. The suspect was charged with ABH [actual bodily harm] for the injuries to me and only criminal damage for the horrific injuries to Finn.

“This is currently one of the available charges for someone who seriously injures or kills a police or service animal in the line of duty, as they are considered as being property. I hope you agree that is not acceptable. Finn isn’t a plant pot or window and should not be treated as such. Eventually, after more than 6 months of legal arguments, our attacker was found guilty.”

You can see why Finn’s Law is fantastic. Our animals are not property, and this new law hopefully paves the way for all pets who are injured or killed by scumbags.

But that’s not why I’m telling this story today. I’m sharing it because the media is a powerful tool in getting a successful outcome for anyone – including business owners.

Would Finn’s Law have been passed anyway? Probably, yes, eventually.

Having Finn and his human on Britain’s Got Talent, though, definitely helped and I suspect the publicity pushed things along.

I’m not suggesting you go on BGT (but if you can juggle lawnmowers while riding a unicycle, go for it)… however, I do suggest you make yourself something of a celebrity in your industry.

The most successful people in any industry have an aura of celebrity about them, and they use it to their maximum advantage. Got yourself an advantage or a little privilege? Use it! Don’t waste it.

You can grab yourself a little celebrity aura in many ways, but the simplest is this: become an author. Write a book.

PC Dave Wardell didn’t just go on BGT; he was determined to make Finn’s Law a reality, and as part of his efforts, he wrote a book too. It’s called Fabulous Finn: The Brave Police Dog Who Came Back From The Brink.

Writing a book is not as difficult as you may think, as my new book will show you when it’s out. (Soon – I’m making good headway with the final edit.)

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